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Hello fellows,

I am just curious and confuse on how to download templates to join 2 photos? This is very important to me, is it about merging? Can you give me some tips on how am I going to perform it. Thank you

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There are many ways to merge photos. One way is to use Paint. You just have to copy and paste the first photo on the white background in paint (which can be resized), then followed by the next photo (put in wherever you want in the white background).

Another way is to use a photo editing software like Photoscape. It is free to download and it also offers other great photo editing features. To merge a photo, install Photoscape, then go to the Page tab, choose the template that you want, click on the page where you want your photo to appear, select the file, and click open. To download Photoscape, visit the link below.

Hope this helped you. Good luck!