How to download lighter camera drivers?

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Hello fellows,

I just want to ask few questions regarding on how to download lighter camera drivers? The last time I make a download was very disappointing for it is not successful I hope that this time you can lead me to the proper way of download and installation. I hope you can give the best website that allows the user to download the application for free.

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How to download lighter camera drivers?


Hey Trevor Jhon,

First of all, you should understand one thing that, the camera is attached via two sources, one is external and the other is internal. Both ways the driver needs to be installed in according to the specified versions along with specified manufacturing instructions. The application supplied through the device is the one that fits perfect with the device. It is (most of the times) combination of two soft-wares one is the driver and the other is the application that supports the driver capability and uses the device resources. So, basically there’s no concept of lighter or heavier. You just have to install firmware specific drivers that came along with camera device.

In order to use both applications you must have to obtain the firmware specific driver and application that came along with your camera. If you don’t install that specific software (driver + application) you wouldn’t be able to use the camera device.

The solution for your problem can only be prescribed through the way to use minimal system resources while using the camera device. If you want your camera to use minimal system resources, try to use the application with the most system resources available. This way you would be able to obtain best of your camera device.


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How to download lighter camera drivers?


If you are referring to a web cam, that would depend on the brand you are using. If you are using a generic web cam, see if the device or the package comes with a disc. If the package comes with a disc, that disc contains the camera’s driver. Insert the disc on your optical drive and install the driver.

This will now make the camera functional on your computer. But if you are using a branded camera like Logitech, visit your camera’s website to download the driver. If you have a Logitech web cam, visit Logitech Support Webcams and Camera Systems. Expand “Webcams” and click your product. On the next screen, click “DOWNLOADS.”

On the next screen, select your correct operating system to display the correct driver for your platform. Just download the driver and install it.

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