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Hello Experts, I would like to know if it's possible for a non-technical employee to easily learn how to navigate Visual Networking Map in Prime Tool? How long do you think will the learning process take? Thank you.

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When you are using a network mapping software the technical matters come to you. Your question is about visual network mapping and how it works. The answer is something technical but not so tough to a non technical employee to realize if he has minimum technical knowledge.

A visual network mapping starts it work in generating a network map.

It will go up with a speed and continuously try to access the remote host properties and resources.

It scan the network and find the host.

After that, place them into a network diagram and then it is able to monitor networks activities visually.

You have to buy a visual network mapping to understand the whole procedure. I suggest you about LANstate, But you also download a trial version of LANstate to justify it's usefulness.

You may visit this site for more info: