Apache Cassandra, do I need more disk space?

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What is the relationship between storage space, Random Access Memory (RAM) and CPU with respect to apache Cassandra? According the apache Cassandra 2.1.2 node configuration, maximum recommendation capacity is 3 to 5 terabyte per node, if am running this maximum load of data, will I have to increase the RAM? If the RAM is not increased, will it affect the throughput and latency?

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Apache Cassandra, do I need more disk space?




The relationship between the characteristics of your system and Cassandra is a matter of how to exploit the capabilities of Cassandra or how to get the most basic things accomplished with the software. Cassandra requires certain basic specifications:


a. 4GB – 8GB RAM

b. consider using virtual servers for CPU “burst”

c. multiple terabytes of disk space


In order to get more function out of Cassandra, another hardware profile would be necessary:


a. 16GB – 64GB RAM

b. Octa-core CPU

c. over 16TB of disk space


Also, remember that you can substitute virtual memory (i.e., a swap file or paging file) for RAM, and RAM is very important in the general function of Cassandra. Usage should also be considered. If your needs are modest, hardware specifications are much looser.

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