How do you update a Blackberry?

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Hi, I have a Blackberry Torch 9680. I have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed on my MAC. While running the software update through it, I get an error message that says "cannot detect the software update".

Please suggest me the right steps to update my Blackberry OS.

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How do you update a Blackberry?


To upgrade the Desktop Software:

1. Close the BlackBerry Desktop Manager if it is running actively.

2. Download the correct program to upgrade the desktop software.

3. Run the file that you just downloaded by double-clicking on the exe file.

4. The Choose Setup Language dialog box will appear, choose your language and then hit the OK button. This will launch the Welcome window.

5. Click the Next button. The Country and Region option window will appear on your screen.

6. Choose your preferred country and then click the Next button. You will see the License Agreement window. Read the agreement and accept the terms and conditions by clicking on Yes. This will launch the Customer Information window.

7. Just simply follow the on-screen instructions.

To confirm if the desktop to handheld connection is already active:
1. On the Desktop Manager software, select Options and then click on the Connection Setting. This will open the Connection Setting dialog box.
2. Hit the Detect button. You will see a warning dialog box, asking you to confirm if your handheld is already connected.
3. Click the OK button. You will be notified when your BlackBerry handheld is already connected.
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How do you update a Blackberry?


Hello Orchid Flower,

I have read your question about the error that  pops up when running the black berry desktop manager, this is mainly caused by a number of reasons including;

At times the drivers of black berry are corrupt and end up not working, so download and reinstall black berry to your PC, after you restart your computer and connect the desktop software again.

Most PC’S have many different ports some from the front others at the back, try to connect from the back since the back ones are near to the motherboard, so they will be more detected than the front ones.

Sometimes the User Control Accounts block the black berry software so they need to be turned off to get detected, this happens mainly when you are using Vista or Win 7

Here are the steps when Using Vista

1. Click on the “Start” menu and then click on “Control Panel”
2. Click the “User Accounts” icon and then when in the User Accounts Screen click again on “User Accounts”
3. Click on Turn User Account Controls on or off, this will bring up a prompt which you will hit “Continue” on.
4. Clear the “Use User Account Control to help protect your computer” checkbox. and then click “OK”
5. You will be prompted to restart your computer, click “OK” or “Yes”. If you are not prompted then manually restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

And when using Win 7

Click on the “Start” menu and then click on “Control Panel”.
2. Click on User Accounts and Family Safety
3. Click on User Accounts.
4. Click on “Change User Account Control Settings”
5. Move the slider to the bottom and then click “OK”
6. Restart the Computer.

Restart your computer  and check whether it has been resolved.


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