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Author: Harisson
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I have a serious problem. I want to remove bloodhound w32 from my PC.

It gives me more problem to remove this.

Can someone help me?

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In order to remove the Antivirus you have to submit it to Semantic for analysis and they will contact you with instructions. "Bloodhound32" is a new Antivirus and needs to be analyzed by Semantic in order to resolve. You can submit it when you quarantine it. You can also use error checking tool to check for the file system errors and bad sectors on your hard disk. Open my computer, and then select the local disk you want to check. on the file menu, click properties. On the tools tab, under error checking, click check now. Under the check options, select the scan to attempt recovery of bad sectors check box.

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Thank you Fritz. You have a great solutions for my problem. Thank you very much.

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Just ask me if you get any trouble about Antivirus. That's all.

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Okay! Run Malwarebytes and hijack this and post their logs.