How do i fix a computer when its safe mode?

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How do I fix a computer when its safe mode?

Yesterday I used my computer and shut it down after. Now, I open my computer and I was shocked because my computer is in safe mode already. But my friend told me to press F8 and choose from the options that will I appear. I did it but nothing happen. I didn't do anything from the last time I used it. I even shut it down properly. I restart it when I saw but when it opened I still the same again.

I don't know what to do anymore. Can someone knows this kind of problem? How do I fix it?

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How do i fix a computer when its safe mode?


Hi Christine,

I have read the issue that you have on your computer. I have here the resolution for the issue. Since your using the windows XP operating system, here the steps on how to remove the computer from safe mode:

1. Click Start button

2. Click Run

3. Type in the bar: msconfig

4. Hit enter

5. A screen will load up, click  boot.ini tab/boot at the top of the screen

6. Uncheck the box for safe boot

7. Click Apply and the OK

8. A pop up window will open message showing: For changes to take effect you need to restart the computer

9. Click OK

The computer restarts and you should be seeing the normal screen on the computer. Hopefully I have resolve the issue.

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How do i fix a computer when its safe mode?


Hi, I have here some other information and resolution with the issue that might help you just in case the issue happens again or if you have a friend who has the same issue as yours. Safe mode allows the user to find out the indications of any problems the PC has had. The reason why the computer will get "stuck" in safe mode generally indicates that one of the main system files (usually called DLLs) is damaged or missing, or that a piece of the computer's hardware is not operating properly. The latter condition could be caused by either a failure in the device or by a missing or improper device driver on the computer. The other solution that might be off assistance to their issue is to run 'scandisk'.

Here are the steps:

1. Click 'Start'

2. Click 'AllPrograms'

3. Click 'Accessories'

4. Click "System Tools'

5. Click 'Scandisk'

6. Put a check mark on "Automatically fix errors"

7. After the Scandisk finishes, reboot your computer and check if the issue is already resolved.

8. If the computer still boots up in the Safe Mode, click on 'Start'

9. Click 'All Programs'

10. Click 'Accessories'

11. Click 'System Tools'

12. Click Disk Defragmenter, you will receive the message "You don't need to defragment this drive now", click continue with the process anyway

13. When Disk Defragmenter is finished, reboot your computer to see if this fixed the problem

14. If the computer still starts up in safe mode, you need to contact a computer technician If the solution didn't resolve the issue so that means that there is a damaged software or program on the computer that needs to be fixed by a local computer technician or the manufacturer of the computer.


Hopefully these information resolve the issue.

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