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I am learning SharePoint. Just wondering how do I create/edit a view in SharePoint?

Can Anyone Suggest?



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To create/edit view in SharePoint:

To see only information that applies to you or is grouped according to your interests, in a SharePoint list, document library or discussions board, you should create a personalized view.

Note: Personal views can be created by anyone with Contributor access.
Shared views can only be created by Web Designers or users with Manage Lists access.
The Meeting Workspace site does not support personalized views.

  1. Go to the list, document library, or discussion board.
  2. Click Modify settings and columns in the left menu.
  3. Under the Views section:
    • To edit an existing view: click its name in the View (click to edit) column
    • To create a new view: click Create a new view, and then click the type of view you want to create.
  4. Complete the fields in the form as follows:
    • In the View Name, enter or change the name for the view.
    • Leave the Make this the default view checkbox unchecked.
      Note: Personal views cannot be set as the default view. If you check this box, the default view will not change to this personal view.
    • In the Audience section, select either Personal or Public.
      Note: This option is not available in a Meeting Workspace site.
    • In the Columns section, set the fields you want to display and the order you want them displayed in.
    • In the Sort section, set the fields you want to sort by and in which order.
    • In the Filter section, set criteria for the items you want to view.
    • In the Group by section, set the fields you would like to group items by.
      You can arrange the items by group that has similar value on a column beneath that property.
      1. In the Group By section, in the list under First group by the column, select the property you want to use to group your items.
      2. Select Show items in ascending order or Show items in descending order.
      3. In the list under Then group by the column, select the property you want to appear under the first level of groupings.
        If you don't want to group by a second property, select None.
      4. Select Show items in ascending order or Show items in descending order.
      5. Under By default, show groupings, select Expanded or Collapsed.
        Expanded groupings show the grouping title and all items. Collapsed groupings only
        show the title of the grouping.
    • In the Totals section, select the columns you want to display totals for and how you want to calculate.
    • In the Style section, under View Style, select the style you want for the view.
    • In the Folders section, select Show documents inside folders to create a view with documents in
      hierarchical folders, or select Show all documents without folders to view all
      documents in a list without folders.
    • In the Item Limit section, under Number of items to display, type a maximum
      number of items to display.
      Select whether you want to specify the limit for each batch of items, or for the entire view.
  5. Click OK.

Then you should be good to go from here on.



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Thanks a lot. This short instruction manual was very helpful to me as it would have been to Pinu. Sharepoint is although not so difficult but still learning something new is always a bit difficult for most of us. Although your sorted procedure in a step by step way really is quite handy to clear the basics.