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I am a Windows Vista user.

If I run an application which uses non unicode Japanese characters.

I get only some strange things on the screen instead.

How can I get this fixed ?

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All what you have to do is to add the Japanese keyboard layout to your system like this :

Click on the US icon (or UK according to your current keyboard layout) from the taskbar

It looks something like this :  

Then, click on Parameters > Add and select the Japanese.

Second: Use this Microsoft tool called AppLocal.

While installing select the "Launch Application" option and give the software path.

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Can you explain more the use of AppLocal ?

I found it difficult.

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After you install the AppLocal, start it from "Start menu > All Programs > Microsoft AppLocal" then click on AppLocal > Next

  • Now, you will be given two choices; choose the second one "Launch an application".
  • Click on browse and select the Japanese application path.
  • Next, and select the Japanese entry.
  • Next , Create a shortcut to always run this application with AppLocal, and "done".

To launch the application:

  • Go to "Start > All programs > AppLocal" and select the name of the application
  • Select and run the application in window mode if possible.
  • Click on your keyboard layout and select Japanese.
  • Two new icons will appear : click on the right one .
  • If you need to type in Latin select "full-width with alphanumeric".