My Skype quick launch icon is missing

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Dear Online Techyv People,

I have a Windows Vista operating system. I think this is Service Pack 2. And I got a problem with my Skype for Quick Launch Shortcut. See the screenshot below.

I do not know whether when or how, but I just do not see Skype on my Quick Launch.

I hate going to Start, All Programs, Skype every time. It sounds lazy, but that is the use of shortcuts – To have our accesses easier.

Is there a way for me to get hold of my Skype application faster?

Or, If there are none, how can I get my Skype shortcut in Quick Launch area?

I am hoping for a quick response.

Thanks in advance.

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My Skype quick launch icon is missing


Hi there,

There are 2 ways to add any item to quick launch.

  • You can simply drag the Skype icon from your start menu to the quick launch and drop anywhere between the icons already there.


  • You can right-click on Skype from you start menu and select "Add to Quick Launch". If you don’t see “Add to Quick Launch”, just hold the Shift button on your keyboard while right-clicking on the Skype to make the option show up.
  • For faster access to Skype you can also try "Pin to Start Menu" right clicking on Skype from your Start Menu. This will give you short cut to Skype as soon as you click and open the start menu.

Hope this helps!

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My Skype quick launch icon is missing


Dear Micah,

Don't worry about this problem. You have to do simple two steps and your problem will be resolved and this problem not relates to windows vista with service pack 2. You can copy Skype icon into 'startup' (locate in start / program / startup) and when you start your window, you Skype automatically run and you don't need to press a icon in quick launch bar.

Two steps for creating icon in quick launch bar :

  1. Drag your Skype icon into desktop or right click on your Skype icon and send to desktop as shortcut.
  2. Drag this desktop into quick launch area. its so simple dear.
  • For ready reference you can see this video

Hope you will satisfy.

Take care.


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