How to Design A 3D Image in Photoshop

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I want to design 3D image in Adobe Photoshop but I do not know where to start. I cannot see an option in my Adobe CS6 suite for making a 3D image. How can I achieve this object of designing a 3D logo? What do I need to do in order to have a 3D image?

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How to Design A 3D Image in Photoshop


In Photoshop CS6 3D image creation is possible. It not only creates 3D images but it can import 3D models also.

At first the 3D workspace is to be selected from the Workspace pull down menu situated at the upper right side of the Photoshop interface.

A new canvas is to be created. We should keep in mind that higher the resolutions and sizes, longer the times will it take to render.

Then for example a vector puzzle is created using Adobe Illustrator and paste them as small objects in the Photoshop file. It can also be created on Photoshop directly using the pen tool. The image is described as below:

Now we should follow these steps:

1.     Open the 3D panel by selecting the Smart Object Layer.

2.     From the Source pull-down menu choose Selected Layer option. Then select the 3D Extrusion option.

3.     For extracting the 2D puzzle pieces into 3D objects click the Create button.


Looking at the hierarchy of the 3D palette is very important before we start working with the 3D environment.

The rotate 3D object option rotates the 3D object in the user panel. The following figure shows the 3D beveled image:

On applying picture and bump on the canvas it looks like the following image:

Now the image is ready to render and it will looks like:

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