How to crop a picture

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I want edit my picture.How can I crop a picture?

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How to crop a picture


To crop a document, you can do it either in a word document or an image editing application like ms office picture manager. To crop the image in a word document, just copy and paste the image in the word document.

When in the word document, double click on the image and then look for the crop tool in the main menu of the word document.
Now go to the image and move the sides that have been selected by the crop tool and then crop your image as you like, then save your image.

In ms office picture manager, look for the option for crop image under 'edit picture' and then crop the image accordingly.

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How to crop a picture


Hi PriyaGupta, 

Here is the solution to crop any picture.
a. Install MSOffice first.
b. Click right the picture and choose ‘Open with’ and choose ‘MS Picture Manager’
c. Choose ‘Edit picture’ and from right side ‘Using these tools’.
d. Choose ‘Crop’.
e. Choose black fields and now ‘Save’ the changes or ‘Save as’ if you want to put the edited pictures in a new file. 
f. Choose ’Export’ on menu File, if you want to have a different location, file format or file name.
Hope this could help.
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How to crop a picture


Hello Priyagupta:

When you say cropping an image, it refers to the act of omitting some parts of an image especially the side parts to give more detail to the main subject of the picture.

Cropping is also one way of resizing your image to your desired size. The best and easy way to crop an image is by using Ms paint, because the program is always present when you are using Microsoft windows in your pc.

To crop an image please follow the steps properly:

1. Go to your start button, which is located at the lower left portion of your screen and then click ALL PROGRAMS and look for ACCESSORIES and then click it.

2. After clicking the accessories button, look to PAINT and then click it.

3. When paint is already opened, it is now time for you to insert the image that you wanted to crop. Click the FILE button located at the upper left of your screen and then click OPEN and then choose the picture that you wanted to crop.

4. After choosing the picture click the SQUARE BUTTON located at the left side of your screen. And then select what part of the image you wanted to omit by dragging your mouse to the desired area and press delete.

5. After you have cropped your image go to FILE and click the SAVE AS button and then choose the file format that you wanted your image to be saved.

6. After doing so, make a FILE NAME of the image and click SAVE.

That’s it. Enjoy the fun in cropping your images.

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