How to crimp RJ45 connector using Cat 5e cable?

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Hey! I want to make an Ethernet cable for custom length size. I have already bought Cat 5e cables in bulk and RJ45 connectors. Now, can anybody help me by telling how to crimp RJ45 connector?

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How to crimp RJ45 connector using Cat 5e cable?


Since, the pre-made Ethernet cables are expensive to purchase in case you need a lot of them. So, it’s better that you if you can make it at home by yourself. Here’s all that you need for your help:

 Purchase the Cat 5e cable and RJ45 crimpable connectors in bulk.

 Also, buy a RJ45 Crimping Tool.

 Now, to make a standard cable, firstly, cut out the plastic cover from the end of the Cat 5e. You can use the razor blade for this purpose.

 Now, unwind the different coloured wires and pair the similar ones.

 Next, straighten the wires and arrange them in the order shown below.

 Use scissors to shorten them about ½ inches.

 Now, push all the 8 wires into the connector carefully. The result should look like this exactly.

 Lastly, using a crimping tool, lock the sleeves for a tight compression fit, and the end product is ready to use.


 Repeat the steps for the other end of the cable.


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