Power DVD 9 and Blu-Ray disk

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Hey computer enthusiasts,

Hoping to find some help here.

I was using Power DVD 9 to watch Blu-Ray movies for months. But recently I was trying to see a movie I  faced a problem. The picture was in the form of posterized. I am having only 8 colors. It was something like that I am watching on an EGA or it was lost all low order color information.

DVD is always playing properly even if it is decoded by Power DVD or Catalyst. The only change happened in the software is that the Blu-Ray worked on Catalyst Version. But even after I have changed to Catalyst 11.2, there was no change in the result. I have also updated the Power DVD, but still there was no change in the result. I have added a new SSD and no other hardware changes are made. But the SSD and the Blu-Ray drive on different controllers only. I have also tried with various Blu-Ray disks. I also reset the HDMI cable to 6970, but there was no change in the result.

There is no DRM error is coming. The only chance is any catalyst settings may be missed by me. If anybody knows how to solve this , please let me know. 

Thanks in advance.


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Power DVD 9 and Blu-Ray disk


You are saying that you made changes in the SSD, and also updated the power DVD. Since the problems started after you carried out those actions, then they are the possible reasons as to why you are having those problems when playing videos using the power DVD now. I have the following workarounds for you:

  • Restore the system to a period before you made changes to the SSD and also updated the power DVD, because the changes you made might not be agreeing with your current operating system.
  • Apart from the BlueRay discs, you can try other discs and see if the power DVD works fine with them, because the problem may be that the version you have updated to has problem with playing videos from BlueRay discs.


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