How To Convert Wmv File To Play On Dvd Player?

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Hello experts,

How to convert wmv file to play on DVD player? I just want to know if .wmv file format is accepted with DVD players? Share with me your experiences about converting and some software converters that you are familiar with. Explaining it with me will be a big help.

Thank you.

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Hi Amanda Mitchel,

Standard DVD format has .Vob, but you are having the wmv file you need a converter software. You can use the ConvertX to DVD software. Just install the software and follow the following steps:

1. Add video to the ConvertX to DVD. Please make sure that the size of all the videos should be less than the size of DVD.

2. Insert DVD into the DVD drive.

3. Press convert button and enjoy watching video on DVD player.

Link for software download



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I will help you to solve your problem. The wmv is a format by Microsoft Corporation. Today the DVD players are supporting a lots of format and that includes wmv also. You can play wmv files directly on your DVD player via USB drive. There is no need to convert wmv files to be able to view on DVD player.

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Hey Amanda,

There are too many ways to do this you need to use the convertor that convert the .wmv file to .vob file if you want to make the DVD but today there is no need today if you want to play the file there are too many formats supporting by DVD wmv. mp4 now flv too or you can also use the USB insert in DVD and no need of conversion and there is one option too using HDMI cable no need to convert and copy just connect your HDMI Laptop with TV using HDMI cable and enjoy.




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Hello Amanda,

To convert wmv file you need to download a video converter. I use Any Video Converter it's free and converts any video into any format you want. After you install the software just follow the simple steps:

1. Click on the "Add Video Files" button.

2. Select the output as DVD Video.

3. Click on "Convert Now" button.

Your video will be converted in few minutes.



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If any one convert .wmv file using software. Using Format Factory to convert this file easy and accepted the DVD players and all other mobile and pc format. 

Download the new version Format Factory and try. 

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Hi Amanda

WMV (Windows Media Video) is the default format used by the program Windows Media Player. This file generally does not play on DVD players. If you want to convert and burn a WMV into a DVD disk in a format that will work in a DVD player ,use Windows DVD Maker.

Just follow below three steps:

Step:1 Click the Start (menu in Windows)>Programs> Windows DVD Maker.

Step:2 Click the "Add Item" button in the top left part of the menu bar in the program. A Browse window appears. Double-click the WMV file you want. This brings you back to the main screen.

Step:3 Enter the title for the movie/video you want in the "Disk title" textbox. Insert your blank DVD into your DVD Burn drive. Click-Next > Burn-to begin converting and burning to DVD.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Amanda,

Among the many solutions, one quick way to do this is by downloading a file converter and an example of this is Any Video Converter.

You can find it at  

Before you convert your file, do make a backup and check with your DVD player with regard to the supported file formats.

I hope this helps.







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Actually the DVD player format is .vob but you have wmb file. You just need a video convertor software and by using the video convertor you can convert the wmb format to vob format. After completing the process you can watch movie in the DVD player.

It is very easy process.

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