How to convert files text to excel?

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I have some experience about Ms Excel and a little experience about text file. But I do not know how can a Text file convert to Excel. There are many people who are able to convert text files into excel very easily. Are there anybody to help me?



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How to convert files text to excel?


There  I see you a  process How do convert a text file (.txt, .prn, .csv) to an Excel


1.Start Excel.

2.View all readable text files.

Example :In Excel 2010:

1.      Select the File tab.

2.      In the left menu column, select Open.

3.      To the right of the File name: text box, from the drop-down list, select Text Files (*.prm; *.txt; *.csv).

3.Navigate to and select the document you want to convert.

4.Click the Open button.

5.Select the Delimited radio button.

6.Click Next.

7.Under Delimiters, clear all the check boxes.

8.Under Delimiters, place a check in the check box(es) corresponding to the separator(s) your data contains.

9.Click Next.

10.Click Finish.


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How to convert files text to excel?


Hi there,

The whole work is really so easy, you just need to create or format the text in a proper manner to import directly the text file into Excel. Suppose you want to import the data in a CSV file than just give comma after every data for different column. Now open Excel and find out data section, now from the “get external data section” click on “from text”. Highlight the file you want to import and click OK.

Another box will pop up, select delimiter radio and click on Next. Now select the delimiter as you rearranged your text file, like comma, space, tab etc. Click on “Finish” button. These text wills appear in an excel format.

Best regards,

Riley Weaver.

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