How to write an equation in excel -urgent

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I need to write few equations in excel but I do know the method to do so. I am requesting assistance from someone who knows how to write an equation in excel so that I will be able to cover my task in time. Please kindly someone help me over come this issue as soon as possible.

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How to write an equation in excel -urgent


Formulas are the equations that we create to perform calculations of values in our worksheet, and it always starts with the equal sign. Simple formulas are created by using constants and calculation operators. Function can also be use to create these formulas. Here are the steps on how to create a simple formula for your Excel worksheet or database:

  1. Start your Microsoft Excel and open the file that you would like to change
  2. This time, double-click on the cell where you would like to total to show
  3. Once there, press the equal sign on your keyboard.
  4. Now, enter the formula you would like to use and hit Enter.
  5. After that, enter an open-parenthesis
  6. Then a cell name
  7. Press the plus key this time
  8. Then enter another cell name, don’t forget the close-parenthesis this time
  9. Now, enter a minus sign and your third cell name
  10. Hit Enter
  11. You have then just created the formula (a+b)-c wherein, the total would be the result of adding a to b then subtracting c from its sum
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How to write an equation in excel -urgent


Are you ready to make your own function (equation). Then let’s do it. In excel, there is a single keystroke which informs excel program of your intention. At first press the equal key (=). After writing the equation, excel can do the rest calculation. I will deal with four simple functions:

1.       Add

2.       Subtract

3.       Multiply

4.       Divide

The equation can be written exactly like that ( =6+3 ) and Excel will display the expected answer, 9.

Similarly, you can add, subtract, multiply, divide using the  below ways.

I think i have made easier for you to use equation.

Hope this helps you.


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How to write an equation in excel -urgent


Whoa, Excel is really tricky, and thank you for all your solutions! I should get a hang of this thing since I will be working with more equations in the future

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