How To Connect One Laptop With Two Projectors

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I was wondering if anyone has the same problem with me. I have two projectors with two projector screens and I want to connect it to one Laptop and using PowerPoint to do a presentation for my boss. The projector is NEC VT480 and the laptop is Dell E4300.
I've tried googling for PowerPoint setup with two projectors but no solution yet. I've tried searching for the correct setting to sync both projectors to one laptop (since they're the same brand and type) but not working as well. I've looked in the user manual on how to do that but there's nothing mention about it in the manual.
I know only conventional way to use one projector with one projector screen to connect to one Laptop but I've never encountered two projectors with two screens connected to only one Laptop and I don't know if it will work since the Laptop only have one VGA output.
I've tried googling for related software for presentation to make it work since I thought maybe PowerPoint cannot do this but other software can unfortunately I can't seem to find suitable software for my needs. I'd really appreciated for any suggestions or ideas that would help me achieve solving this problem.
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Hi Mstephen1978,
Looks like you’re in a bind with your problem, especially since the Dell E4300 only has a single VGA port. Now let’s look at some possible answers to your question.
1. Since you only have a single VGA port that connects to Projector 1, you will need another VGA port to connect the Projector two Luckily there is a USB to VGA adapter which is manufactured by several companies like Matrox, and EVGA Both products extend functionality by creating a second video output to project your Power Point presentation to a second projector.
2. If you plan on projecting the same Power Point presentation to two projectors, use this switcher/splitter/image extender Image may be degraded a bit but still works proper.
3. You could also clone the image on your NEC VT480 projector by extending it’s output to the second one. All you have to do is connect your VGA port to your 1st NEC projector, then connect video using either S-video or composite video (using RCA connectors) to the 2nd NEC projector. This works on the premise that you will only be using the same presentation on two projectors. Take a note of the IN and OUT from the projector. Video OUT from the 1st projector to Video IN of the 2nd projector.
4. Use a VGA Distribution Amplifier by connecting from the laptop’s VGA port to this Amplifier which has two distribution ports for the two projectors.
5. Use a multi-monitor KVM This type of product is what they usually use on stock exchanges where people on the trading floor need to see presentations on multiple monitors.
Study your options carefully and see which option suits you best.
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What you required is a video splitter which is used to display the computer video signal or graphics in more than one analog monitor. You can then use the VGA adapters to connect the laptop to the projectors.
If the projectors are in different model first start by connecting and turning on the projectors which has the lower resolution.
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Hallo Stephen,
Sure you can be able to connect one laptop with two projectors, but you will have a number of options depending on what your laptop has been equipped with.
Many laptops have got an S-Video output, which you also use to sync a projector. In case the laptop does not have the S-Video, then you can go ahead and buy VGA extensions via USB. You can also be able to split the signal, unless you hooked up the projectors wrongly or one of the outputs is not working well. In that case you can try switching them around.
Hope this helps.

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