How to check out the processor speed

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Hi friends,

I have recently purchased a new laptop. I already have a desktop computer at my home .When I told my friend about the new laptop that I have purchased they started going techyv and asked for some configuration details I was able to answer all that since they are frequent .And they also asked for the processor speed which I have never checked it ever before .So am here to get the different ways to check the processor speed .i would like to explore the world of knowledge.

Your small help would be a great one for me.


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How to check out the processor speed


My friend it’s great that you want to explore the world of knowledge .For that is in touch with Techyv first. Why I say is I got many questions answered by this site where it’s a knowledge hub.

Ok let’s get on to the matter. As far as I know there are five ways to check that out. Let me list that and let you knowing how to do that.

The first way is Using the Documents : There would be some Documents that you may received along with your laptop computer if you have purchased from OEM.Which may have all the configuration Details in it where some laptops have a sticker with all specifications specified. If you don’t have both of that don’t worry no problem .We have another option provided by the manufacturer .That is using the unique identification code that given by your manufacturer can be used in their website to check the configuration details .So this is one of the way of finding the Processor speed. All the time processor speed will be mentioned in (GHz).Example 2.53GHz.


Many of the computers these days show up the processor speed at the time of boot. Which is mostly available in Intel Processors? But that seems tuff since the boot take some seconds to complete .Keeping track of it would be tedious.

The third way would be checking in the CMOS Setup. In CMOS Setup inside MainAdvanced tab you may find the processor speed. You need to press (Del or F2 or F8) at the time of boot to enter into CMOS Page.

The final way to check out the processor speed would be like using some third party software that pertains to system performance stuffs. Using it you can find the processor speed and all the real configurations of your computer.

Even by Right clicking on Computer and then click on properties would lead you to find the System configuration that has the processor speed.

Hope my information would be sufficient and be useful.


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How to check out the processor speed


My friend, thanks for asking your question.

There are various ways to check out the processor speed.

1. If you are using windows[98,XP,VISTA,WIN7, ME, etc] as operation system:

A. Right click "My Computer", and select properties. Look for "Processor" you will see the speed it is given in gigahertz

B. Click on the start menu and choose run. Type “dxdiag” (no quotes) into the run box. Click "ok". Look under Processor details for speed in gigahertz.

C. Click on ‘run' and type in the following command: “msinfo32”(no quotes) in the command space. Select System summary then scroll down till you reach ‘processor’ and look under Processor details for speed in gigahertz.

2. If you are using Linux as operating system:

You need to use /proc/cpuinfo file. This file is a collection of CPU and system architecture dependent items. Type the command: “$ less /proc/cpuinfo” (no quotes). Then you will get a list of your hardware, now just find the processor.

3. Using BIOS:

Press one of the following keys while your computer is booting. "Esc or Del or F2 or F8 or F10" This will take you into the BIOS information which you will be able to find CPU details from. Every make is a little different but it shouldn't be hard to find.

I hope these solutions will most solve your problem.

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