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I'm looking for a way to type infinity (∞) and percentage (‰) symbols just using keyboard, i mean without character table.

PS: I'm using windows XP SP3.

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The answer to your question is simple and not hard to do.
For the (∞) Infinity Sign:
1. Your Num Lock should be enabled and then Press and Hold Alt then enter 2 3 6 from you Num Pad located at the right side of the keyboard.
This should solve your problem regarding the infinity sign.
For the (%) Percentage Sign:
1. You can simply hold the Shift button then press 5 located at the top of the QWERTY keys.
Note: This sign depends on the regional settings that your using.
This will give you the solution for the percent sign.
If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to ask more. Hope this solves your problems.