How can I remove Seagate drive manager OSX?

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Hi there!

My drive has been giving me issues, most of the time not being recognized and making some funny sounds. I am not going to use it anymore and I would like to remove the drive manager. Can someone please explain to me how I can remove Seagate drive manager OSX. Thanks big time for your assistance.

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How can I remove Seagate drive manager OSX?



Hi Joseph,
Sorry to hear that. Definitely, Seagate and Apple cannot resolve this issue as well and there are a lot of their customers who has been spending on the phone leaving them without any resolution. I found this thing most helpful and effective to answer your query today.
For you completely remove the Seagate Manager, just follow these steps and you will not going to have any errors after reboot.
First, you need to delete Maxtor, Seagate, One Step files that you can see on your computer.
Check it in applications, search downloads and put them in the trash.
Make sure to Empty the trash. You will notice that the pop-ups will still show up.
Go to FINDER, select COMPUTER from the dropdown menu and click on GO.
Now, go to MacintoshHD. You need to select the LIBRARY folder, then going to DRIVER SUPPORT. In this folder, you will find all the Maxtor files. Put them in the trash, and make sure to empty the trash and you're done.
You can do a reboot after.
I hope this helps you big time.
Good luck.

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