Need to know about my pc temperature

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My computer is getting heated by minutes. I do not know what is causing it or is it alright for the temperature to be that much.

I need something that can show me the temperature of my pc and if there is some software to control it than I want to have it.

Please someone suggest me on this particular matter.

Adolfo Brown

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Need to know about my pc temperature


Ideal Temperatures

Notebook computers with ADM processors should operate at a recommended maximum temperature of 140 degrees F.

ADM processors can operate at temperatures up to 203 degrees F.

But it is recommended to keep your notebook as cool as possible and stay away from sustained maximum temperatures.

Intel CPU notebooks can run at a maximum temperature of 167 to 185 degrees F, but the recommended range is closer to 122 to 140 degrees F.

For ADM based desktops, look for a max temperature of 185 to 203 degrees F and an ideal range of 122 to 149 degrees F.

Intel based desktops generally need to run a bit cooler with max temperatures around 167 to 185 degrees F with an actual recommended range of 113 to 131 degrees F.

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Need to know about my pc temperature


Hey Adolfo brown!

There can be several reasons for the heat up of your system.

You have to check your cooling fan either is it working properly or not.

There are many freeware software on the internet, that will help you in telling the temperature of your PC.

These software's will give a you warning message if your PC heat-up too much.

Here are the links for some software that you can download and can maintain the temperature of your PC

For Motherboard Monitor click on the link:

For CPU Thermometer, click on the link:

For Hardware Sensors Monitor, Click on the link:



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