How to assign auto height to rows

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I am doing something in MS Excel that requires writing long content in cells of one column. That’s why I use “Wrap Text” utility for cells of that column. But the fact is the content of the cells are not equal in height. It takes minimum 2 (two) and maximum 5 (five) lines.

If I adjust row height for the maximum, I can view all the contents but there stay lots of empty spaces for the minimums. I can adjust this height by adjusting one by one row which is time consuming. Is there any way that I can follow which will adjust the row height automatically depending on content of cells in MS Excel 2007?

Thank you.

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How to assign auto height to rows




Do your merging of the cells A, B and so on. In one of the columns at the end say X or Y put in the reference to the column A (say =A1). The text formatting is the same for all the cells.  The trick is to make the width of the cell X or Y slightly smaller than the combined width of the cells you are merging in this case A and B.

Now your cell height will be based on the height of the column X (or Y) and this will take care of your problem. Only do not print the column X when you do your printing.

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How to assign auto height to rows


See attachment. Hope this helps.


1. To start, highlight all cells by clicking the upper left corner of the sheet. You may use "Control key + A" to highlight.
2. Right click then choose "FORMAT CELLS". Click the alignment tab then tick "WRAP TEXT" then click 
3. You may start typing. Once done, highlight all cells (control key + A). From the HOME menu, look for 
All texts will automatically fit in the cells.
See result below. The text automatically fit in the cell. Hope this helps.

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