Windows XP is Running Extremely Slow

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I bought my computer on march 2005. It runs a Windows XP with 2GB RAM and 150GB HDD, Pentium Processor 1.7GHz. My problem is, whenever I try to click any icon on my desktop, it will take time before it opens.

I already run Kaspersky to scan for any virus but it is still the same.

I also run a defragmentation and nothing changed so far.

I do not have much on my computer but I really don't know why its acting very slow.

Can someone please help me?


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Windows XP is Running Extremely Slow



There are so many reasons why a computer will run slow. Like you, I have encountered this problem before also. What you did is correct but it seems like it did not solve your problem.

Another reason why your computer seems too run slow is that, there might be so many programs running in the background. Look at all the icons in your computer's system tray, these are background programs that eat a lot of memory. You can check it by pressing ctrl+alt+delete keys at the same time. Then click any program or task.

If you will not going to use these programs, you could just click end task. This will make your system run fast. However, these programs were removed from the computer memory only. The next time you start windows, these will still appear. If you do not want this to happen. Go to Start/Search function to find the program. Configure it to not run upon start up. The other reason for this could be old or conflicting Windows device drivers. With my computer before, I did everything that you have done but still my computer is still the same. What I did was I updated the video card.

I found out that the reason why every time, I click icons from my pc it's too slow because I do not have a video card driver.

You could also check that. Make sure all your drivers are updated.

Hope these helped you.

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Windows XP is Running Extremely Slow


Are you trying to open a very recent application?

Considering your system is old and it doesn't have a lot of memory in it, if you're opening one of the latest programs it is bound to open it slowly especially if you have other applications that are already open and running at the same time.

Try and close all other applications first before you open any resource hungry program and see if that helps.

You also should consider upgrading the amount of memory that you have on the system. If all these don't help, then you may just have to face the fact that your current system is already too slow and needs to be upgraded.

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