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Hi Guys,

This is my situation. I am updating my windows 7 but when i try to do it again this error message comes up and i don’t know how to resolve this error. Is there any possible that when I tried that updating my windows 7 this would be the cause of the error?

I would love to hear your help.


tally72.exe has stopped working

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem the next time you go online.

Check online for a solution later and close the program

Close the program

View problem details.

Thanks guys in advance.

Hope to hear from you guys!

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It is possible that Tally 72 is no longer supported in Windows 7 causing this error message to appear. You will need to upgrade to the new version or run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP. However, this will still depend on your computer’s settings. It will require that you have Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate. It also requires that your computer is capable of hardware virtualization with Intel-VT or AMD-V feature and this feature needs to be turned on in your computer’s BIOS.

If you are not sure if your computer meets the above requirements, you may check them by doing the following:

1.       To check your System Type:

Right-click Computer then select Properties. You will find the system type listed under Operating System Type.

You can also check the type of CPU you have in this window by going to System.

2.       If you want to know if your PC is capable of hardware virtualization, you may download a utility from Microsoft that can check whether your CPU is compatible. You may download the file here: Download Link1

Once you have determined that your computer meets the entire system requirement to run compatibility mode, you are now ready to run Tally72 in Windows XP mode. You may do it by right clicking the Tally icon then select Properties. Once there, look for a Compatibility tab. Under Run this program in compatibility mode for:  Select Windows XP then press OK.

Check the program if you were able to run it again.