Red Window GRUB4DOS on Windows Vista

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Hi experts,

I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate. I had a virus just this day. I can’t seem to boot from Safe Mode. The F8 key don’t lead me to Windows Advanced Boot Options, but rather to GRUB4DOS 0.4.4 with a red window. First of all, I don’t know what grub is. But I am seeing options like this:

windows 7 with slic loader

Windows 7 with SLIC Loader (default) — which if I clicked will start my window

Windows 7 without Loader — same thing

Windows 7 with SLIC Loader (Use Alternative Method)

Windows 7 with SLIC Loader(full debug output)

Windows 7 with SLIC Loader(more forceful-may crash) —– I never try this

Load Externel Menu(menu. lst)

Grub Command Line

I enclosed a screen shots of it. If I choose GRUB Command Line, the command is different from the command we use in cmd or command prompt we use in windows. And I have no idea what is it. I need help with booting from Safe Mode. My computer is running really slow maybe because of the virus. And reformatting will be my last option. What key can I use to boot from Advanced Boot options, so I can manually fix the virus. If I insert the recovery disk and hit f8 upon booting, the advanced boot option will appear and if I choose the safe mode. The repair box is in front of a black screen so I can't really open the windows on safe mode because after repairing, the system will be restarted. Please send me replies asap.

Thank you.

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Red Window GRUB4DOS on Windows Vista


GRand Unified Boot loader or GRUB is a Unified Boot loader that is based on GNU project. It is used to boot from multi operating system that is installed on your computer. This can boot off LINUX/DOS, through windows boot manager, MBR/CD or syslinux as well as lilo. It has two different kinds, the GRUB for DOS and GNU GRUB. The first GRUB is a boot loader that is flexible while the GNU GRUB needs to perform three processes in order boot. The GRUB operates under grldr which is a single file and the grldr.mbr is where the boot loader is placed which can be placed to partition boot sector or the MBR by installing it. The grldr.mbr specifically the boot code will load the first partition found when it performs a dynamic scan for every local partition that is under the root directory.

The GRUB4DOS can also be loaded in many ways. Its runtime image can function in two ways. The first one is, grldr is loaded by the MBR/partition and the boot manager or Windows NT, Windows 2K to XP, Windows 2K3 and Windows Vista. The second grub.exe is launched directly from DOS prompt and from the Linux console. It has an extended function which enhances the map command that can be used in creating virtual floppies and hard disks that comes from an image file. You can access it via DOS even if it’s already launched. There are a lot of functionality that can be use in GRUB4DOS like support for other languages, the ATAPI driver for CD ROM that are not present in GNU GRUB.

To be able to address this issue you’ll just have to use the bootrec.exe tool to perform the fixMbr by using the windows installation CD. This will over write the Grub4Dos loader. Follow the steps below.

  1. Place the installation disc or upgrade disc of Windows 7 in the disc drive, reboot and select the first CD Rom as the first boot device on the BIOS settings.
  2. Press any key to boot from CD ROM.
  3. Choose a language, time, currency or a keyboard input. Click next when finished.
  4. Select “Repair” to repair your Windows.
  5. Select your Windows 7 operating system and click next.
  6. Click the command prompt from the list of recovery options.
  7. Under command prompt, type in Bootrec.exe /FixMbr, press Enter. You will be prompted when successfully repaired the computer.
  8. Restart your computer.

You can also use third party software which is the EasyBCD to solve this problem. But it has no full support for Windows 7, only the Vista, it will work fine but instead of a Windows 7 loading screen, you will see the Vista loading screen when the windows loads.

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Red Window GRUB4DOS on Windows Vista


I really have to consider your answer. I forgot the disk to repair my problem. Good thing is that I have gained knowledge on what really Grub is. Thanks. Problem fixed now.

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