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I am trying to install Dragon Nest on my newly purchased HP Pavilion G6-1D71. The software does not install successfully because I keep on getting an Error -40. The screenshot below shows the exact error message.


[ERROR CODE = -40]
Installation Failed.(11315, -105) 

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if you try to install the dragon nest and you get an error after it copied 53 out of 61 files than follow the instruction given below:
Click on the manual download(Red Button-Click Here), it may solve your problem.

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Hello Sharlene,

There could be a number of reasons why you cannot be able to install the Dragon Nest application on your computer, some which are as follows:

  • The setup application that you're using could be corrupt, and therefore it cannot be successfully installed on your computer. In that case, you will need to download or purchase another setup that does not have issues.
  • The Dragon Nest setup that you're using may not be compatible with the operating system that you have right now. You will therefore need to check the system specifications of your computer and then get the right version of Dragon Nest and use it for installation.

Hope this helps.



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Regarding on this issue there is another Techyv post . Go that page and get more helpful information to fix this issue easily.

Error code -40 on Dragon Nest