Failed to Update Applications on iPhone

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I have an iPhone 4 and today I decided to make the update of my applications, but when I made. 

It did not work. So I tried to buy and install them right away, but suite without even moving.

I tried restarting the iPhone, but it changes nothing.



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Failed to Update Applications on iPhone


Hi, what do you mean by "update of applications"?  Are you referring to your firmware or applications only? If you are referring only the applications, you need to "sync" the applications that you bought or downloaded to the IPhone. NOTE! By doing this all of the existing applications on your iPhone will be totally deleted.

Just to be safe, be sure that you have backed up all your existing applications, especially those that are useful to you. After doing that, you can now start doing the "sync".

Steps to follow

  • First you must have an account on iTunes.
  • Log in to iTunes, and authorize iTunes to your PC/laptop using your iTunes username or account.

Note: proceed only if you already done  the steps above.

  • Open iPhone in iTunes [ be sure your iTunes is up to date ].
  • Click on application tab
  • Go through your application list and check the boxes of the applications that you want to sync in to your iPhone 
  • Rearrange the applications as you desired
  • Click apply button at the lower right corner
  • Wait for the loading bar to finished 
  • Last step. If the loading bar stops loading that means the "sync" is finished.

Hope you are satisfied with my solutions.

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Failed to Update Applications on iPhone


You might be updating the software but that doesn't mean that it will update just like that. It could be that your internet connection is having a problem that is why the update has failed. Also did you check for the latest update? Isn't your current version of software same as the one that they still has.

This is also a factor to consider so you might want to check that one too. Regarding you buying an application and restarting the phone with that update, they might also be the same version as the one you have right now. Search the internet or someone you know who knows a lot about iPhone to know what is the current version.

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