Hard Drive problem, hard drive detected as master on post

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What could be the possible problem when hard drive detected as master on post?

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Hard Drive problem, hard drive detected as master on post


Try to Change your connector settings are fine. I seize you are using the 80 GB old HDD and your ocular impulsion intercourse one band conductor and IDE left on the mobo.

Your unit command to mark a piece of those pattern's occurrences labels to be trustworthy of service the jumpers correctly.

What complex going on single may not be the corresponding on another?

You Moldiness assures that single of them is a Master, and the additional is a Slave.

Preferably the HDD should be the Master, and the ocular object the Slave, but that is not ever required.

HDD should be the Master

After setting the jumpers on apiece bend, you should stopper the END “BLACK” connector of the bond wire into the Master Drive. And the GRAY should be fixed in the Slave.

If every that motionless does not settle the difficulty, alter in your BIOS Setup screens and your mobo practice.

Is there any datum that the BIOS have some junction of ports, and you deficiency to unite the 2ND SATA discovery to a meticulous side to cease breach with IDE devices?

It is not usual, but a few older BIOS versions had abnormal limits.

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Hard Drive problem, hard drive detected as master on post


I’m not sure if this is really a problem for a computer really needs a hard drive to be configured as master to boot the operating system. A personal computer can have 4 physical hard drives and only 2 possible master hard drives: primary, and secondary. A computer can only boot on the primary hard drive and not on a secondary hard drive.

Although a computer can have 4 hard drives, they are divided into 2, namely, the primary IDE and the secondary IDE. If you will be having 4 hard drives on your computer, here’s how it will be configured:

  • Primary Master

    • Primary Slave
  • Secondary Master

    • Secondary Slave

You can configure each hard drive as master, slave, cable select, and park. The master setting is the one used to boot Windows and any operating system on the computer. The slave is just like adding an additional hard drive and can’t be used to boot an operating system. In cable select, the configuration of the hard drive is determined by the BIOS depending on which part of the cable you connected the drive. When set to park, the drive is not functional.


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