Hard drive crashed laptop doesn’t boot up

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My Acer laptop doesn’t work anymore, it doesn’t boot up. Tech people said my hard drive was fried?

What does it mean?

Can I still retrieve my data and other important files in it?

Or it dead as in dead?

Thank you for your time.

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Hard drive crashed laptop doesn’t boot up


Method #1

If you have checked your laptop drive with an expert technical person, and he said that your laptop is crashed or fails then he must be right. But it doesn't mean that you are now unable to retrieve your data from your hard disk. You should take your hard disk to and expert, who has the best level of understanding in computer hardware and tell the person to retrieve all of your data from the hard disk.  They have a special type of wire from which the crashed hard disk data can be retrieved. 

Method # 2:

If your hard disk has some bad sectors or any other problem which could be solved using software, means that your hard disk some time is ok but some times it is not working, then you should eject the power cable and data cable and clean its pins. Then you have to insert the cables again after some time and run a command "chkdsk".  This will check your hard disk problem, if it is related to software.

Hope this will solve your problem.


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Hard drive crashed laptop doesn’t boot up


Hi Patrick , 

I think it's not your Harddrive that is fried , its your RAM it may not be fried but must have just been contacted by the masala .:D
Just open your back case and you can find your RAM in it , Just press the levers in opposite and your RAM stood up just take it out and clean it END points with a soft clean , dry cotton cloth and also clean the socket by blowing or like that . 
NEVER use any detergents or any fluid , 

Cause this may FRY your PC UP (TOTALLY ) 

If that doesn't cure means your PC needs Expert care , contact your Laptop manufacturer for more help .

If you want your PRECIOUS data on your hard drive , 

1. Remove the back case of your LAP (the cover that has HDD marked on it or has a sign on Harddisk)

2. Now you can see a flop like plastic substance above the HDD , Just slide the HDD to the other opposite side of the connection port and just pull the float and hurray you got the lap Hard disk.

3. Now open Your PC case and connect the power cable and the SATA cable and then turn it on . 
If your harddisk is fried you will know now , cause your system will show error message in detection of the newly plugged harrdisk like that , 

If it doesn't mean , just boot up your PC and copy the files from your HDD to somewhere else .

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