Got an error about different Google results

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Hello, I am a university student and I have to research about Google. So I want to know about different Google results. Why the Google results are different? Why we get same result same time? Please answer these two questions. Thank you. 


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Got an error about different Google results



Hi Pedro Mahons,
Google search results are different for different users because of the following reasons.
1. You are logged in to your Google account and the search results are customized to you based on your frequent queries or your account's web history.
2. Google is using different algorithm and random data centers to filter out the search results, thus they may have variance since one data center may have the newest algorithm with the other may have not yet updated.
3. Location, Google can detect you location through your IP address and give results based on your current location.
You may also get the same results once you are Logged out of your Google account, or the web history is paused in Google then the results will also be based on the above criteria or other criteria defined by Google.
Hope these answered your questions. Don't hesitate to ask if you want any clarifications.

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