Does Google come with a new OS

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Hi All,

Is Google come with a new OS

Can anyone explain what it is. Where can we get it. What hardware it runs on.

All details as possible as its very interesting to know about it

Thank you

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Does Google come with a new OS


Like what one of the pages I bumped in to have stated and I quote; “Chromium OS is an open-source operation system… for people who spend more time on the web.” Because it is an open source, you can download source code and the compiled operating system for free and with different version names, like; Lime, Flow and many more due to various developers. For the hardware needed to fully run the Chromium OS, you may visit here;, you can fine in there the full overview on the chromium project but if I were you, you should buy a computer with chromium OS already Installed to avoid headache.

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Does Google come with a new OS



There are many operating systems in the market, where Microsoft is leading. Microsoft provided a range of operating systems including Win 7 and WinXP. Other companies are competing Microsoft, but not at that level.


Microsoft OSs are typically general, and not hit a particular area. Google first introduced an Android OS, and now Chrome OS which is open source and Linux based.

The most important aspect of Chrome OS is that it uses internet based applications. It is lightweight and available for download for x86 based hardware at

It is also available and was initially targeted at netbooks. Some of key features of Chrome OS are:

Ø  It is more fast and simple than any other OS because as compare to other OS there is no waiting time for booting and browsers startup

Ø  It provides web as platform for application developers

Ø  Apps designed for Chrome OS can run on other OS as well

Ø  It support all web based applications.

Ø  No need to configure new pieces of hardware or software updates.

You can buy chrome books from amazon , link is

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Does Google come with a new OS




Yes Google has a Operating System, which mainly for the netbooks, it has speed features, portability and security, and some new web  applications.

Google  Chrome operating system is constructed for netbooks, desktop computers, and laptops. The target market  of this new OS are the end users who spend their time surfing the web. It is made as open source and lightweight OS. It is mostly works with Web applications.

Google  Chrome operating system runs on the  hardware  with ARM processors and x86, it also runs with hard disk drives. The commercial hardware that you can now find in the market are, INTEL, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, ACER, ASUS, LENOVO and many more.

The key feature of Google Operating system are the: Speed, which is made as Arm processors and web application that doesn’t any high horse power. Security, which preventing the user to encounter any updates of security, malware or any viruses.

You can get the Google Chrome Operating System by downloading it, ‘”Flow” Chrome Operating System that  created from  HEXXE, they converted the source of Google OS. You can install it in  a 2 gb or 4 gb flash drive

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Does Google come with a new OS


Excellent help… Very well done ….

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