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Why is it that my Google chrome always crashes every time I tried opening several web pages at the same time?

Is it because my pc has low memory or I haven’t installed Google chrome properly?

Please help me fix this problem. 

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1. Restartthe browser, (Google Chrome present repay WebPages from your old feeding meeting on restarting)

2. If you soul IDM  (Internet Download Manager) installed, update to its latest version

3. Verify for conflicting software on Windows by writing “about: conflict”s in the direct bar. If you acquire software that is well-known to effort Google Chrome to Crash, it present and highlighted here, along with any advisable proceedings to compute the transgress. Mainly these are Malware, delete it by Antivirus.

4. Your browser profile may be tainted if you always see this message. Do following to cover this.

a) ClickStart to Run.

b) Begin one of the tailing directories in the text zone.

USERPROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\

c)  Press ok.

d)  Try to rename the Default folder as Backup, in the opening windows.

e) Direct the Backup folder from the User Data folder up one plane to the Chrome folder.

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Hello Kim,

It is a common and annoying problem. For many reasons this problem is occurring. For that problem's solution you can also visit this techyv page.

Google chrome suddenly closes by itself

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Chrome is one of the best web browsers I have ever had. This is fast and simple. Its GUI is also doesn’t match to any others. But you’re having problem running this application. That’s very sad news.

There might be many causes for this error. The main problem might be for memory shortage. Go to “%temp%” and delete all the files. See if your problem is solved.

Since you can run your Chrome without opening several tabs, delete cache files. Open Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + Del. Check “Cached images and files” and then press “Clear browsing data”.

Also, if no luck, download and install latest Chrome. This will come with all new features and bugless.

Ruby Islam