AOL version 6.0 all my mails disappeared

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Hi All,

All of my emails suddenly disappeared. I am using AOL version 6.0 and XP Operating System for my machine. It is really weird, I know I’ve got thousands of emails, archive emails are not included yet in the count. But all of them are gone. I did not do any upgrades of AOL even switching of emails. I have restarted my computer and tried to access it again for the sake of refreshing my PC.

Unfortunately, once the AOL is up, I really can’t find anything there. I want to know what else I can do to fix this. Those emails are precious to me.


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AOL version 6.0 all my mails disappeared



You do not have to panic because AOL provides a feature called Filling Cabinet which saves the emails and keep them for offline viewing or future reference. This Personal Filling Cabinet is placed in your hard drive. Go to system drive and find the AOL folder. Then look for a folder named Organize. There will be a file named after your screen name with no extension and that is your Personal Filing Cabinet.

If you are unable to find the PFC folder, it suggests that you might have deleted that folder by mistake or you have not enabled the PFC feature. In that case you can enable that feature by Navigating to AOL tool bar > My AOL menu > click Preferences. In the Preferences window click mail.

Select following options to enable the feature.

To save incoming email, check RETAIN ALL MAIL I RECEIVE IN MY PERSONAL FILING CABINET check box.
To save outgoing email, check RETAIN ALL MAIL I SEND IN MY PERSONAL FILING CABINET check box and click ok.

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AOL version 6.0 all my mails disappeared


Hi Dom,

There is a possibility that your neighbour is still connecting to your wireless router. So, you just want to change your password to access the router. Open your web browser and type the default IP address to connect the router Home page, probably 

Enter the username and password of the router (Default Usernames for Linksys Routers admin or blank, Password admin or blank.  Please try the combinations of these to access router configuration Manager.

Then click Security tab -> Security Mode -> WEP and set up a new password. Then click Save Settings and exit the page.

If you still unable to set up a new password you should have to reset the router. You do not want to fear about resetting the router it will does no harm. Hold down the reset button on the back of the router for 30 seconds and do the above.

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