GL2PS error when exporting Vesa

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I'm running Scilab 5.1 64 bit on Linux operating system. To get the graphics to work without errors I wanted to change the device to "vesa" in the device section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

But I get the following error when I run xs2svg.
xs2svg: GL2PS error during export.
at line     412 of exec file called by :
  exec(%fileToExec);                 disp(msprintf(gettext("Execution done. 
while executing a callback 
Here is my getdebuginfo report:
 ans  = 
!Total memory:   57735164               !
!Used memory:   38645904              !
!Free memory:   19089260               !
!Shared memory:          0                 !
!Buffers memory:     814472             !
!Cached memory:   25137332           !
!Used -/+ buffers/cache:   12694100  !
!Free -/+ buffers/cache:   45041064   !
!Total swap:   16771852                   !
!Used swap:        196                      !
!Free swap:   16771656                    !
I have a NVIDIA Quadro FX3450 graphics card and the driver version is A1391.85 dated 10/30/2007. I believe this driver is up do date. An Engineer told me that the driver version is 173.14.22 .
Tell me a solution to solve this please.
Thanks a lot.
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GL2PS error when exporting Vesa


You cannot run the device in vesa mode if you are using such settings that would not support it.

  1. First thing that you need to do is to download the required settings or the components that are necessary for it to work. You can probably find them over their website.
  2. After downloading it, install it on the drive where you have the vesa or in the display driver’s folder.
  3. Once installed, you need to reboot the system.
  4. After the reboot you will see that it had detected few changes within the system. This is an indication that everything is working fine now.
  5. Now start the vesa service and you will be able to use it now.

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