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When I clicked on a link in Facebook, I got a warning message.

It never happened before. Please see the picture below.

I have Internet Explorer and Google Chrome in my system. I receive this warning in both. I didn't change any settings. I don’t want this message to come for this link. How can I stop it?


This link could be spammy, or from a spammy account. Following it could lead to a malicious website.         
For more information, visit the Facebook Security page


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Sorry for that, but in the recent past users have gone rampant with the Zynga links on Facebook for points and many users have complained about it which made Facebook to apply strong spam filters for a few days, however if you do once in a while it will be okay.

If Facebook flagged your account, it is highly impossible to remove that flag, you should wait for a few days before Facebook removes the spam filters off your account. Till then try to keep your posts clean off links. You could also try staying away from posting links in messages as well, it will make your flag period smaller.