Firefox pages load slowly in Ubuntu 10

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I am using Ubuntu 10.04 on my PC.

I love its graphics and customization. But recently I have faced some weird problem.

My default browser is Firefox.

Now when I browse using Firefox pages load very slowly and it takes forever to open only Google.

Is there any connection error or what.

It will be a great help if someone answers my question.

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Firefox pages load slowly in Ubuntu 10


Yes, you have connection configuration problem in Firefox.

Now, if you want to configure your Firefox first type about:config in Firefox address bar.

Then press ENTER. It will ask you a security question for that click yes. Then follow these steps:

For making False to true select the line and double click it. For other option right click and select modify.

network.http.pipelining – True

network.http.pipelining.maxrequests – Make it 10 or greater

network.http.proxy.pipelining – True

network.dns.disableIPv6- Make it True

After doing this your browser will connect through 10+ connections and the speed will rise surely.

The 5th option will disable IPv6 connection and be sure there are some sites now that is IPv6 and if you disable that you can’t go to that site. The first and fourth option will make pipelining possible that will increase the speed.

That all you can do for now. I think your browser is faster than before now.

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