Firefox Malware Form File Error

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Hi, Please help me in removing this malware worm from my exe file.

I was installing an add-on in Firefox while It gave back this error that the file is malformed means it is affected by a malware function and if I run this file on my computer my all data may be lost and maybe I will also lose my hard drive as it affects the clusters so the platters get destroyed by its actions.

Firefox could not install this item because “install.rdf” (provided by the item) is not well-formed or does not exist. Please contact the author about this problem.

So please the file named install.rdf is the only one copy that I have and I need to install it but first I need someone who can remove the malware function from the file.

I know it’s not a simple work or a task for any person who knows a bit of a computer.

It is the task for a programmer who will have to read the coding of this install file and remove the malwarecoding from there.

So hope to receive a message from programmer soon.

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Firefox Malware Form File Error


That is a tangle with putting in an add-on. You'll attempt to remove some files associated with add-ons.

Open your profile folder in Windows Explorer, for details of a way to realize it see Profiles.

Close Firefox

In the profile folder delete extensions.rdf, extensions.cache and extensions.ini

Open the extensions folder that's within the profile folder.

If there's a folder referred to as staged-xpis delete it.

Restart Firefox to visualize if the error has gone.


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Firefox Malware Form File Error


You can fix this problem several ways, follow my path.

Start your Firefox browser in “Safe Mode” for checking your add-ons problem (Switch your theme (if you use) as default. Process: Click on Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
For Troubleshooting Extensions and Themes and Troubleshooting plug-in click on those links:
If those troubleshooting are not working then disable all your add-ons and then try to find problem by enabling one by one. After disable all add-ons close your browser and then restart your browser.
If you get the problem and you see this problem occurs for your add-ons installing then remove some files related to add-ons. Follow my below steps:
a. Open the Profile folder. Go to run (windows key + r) and type "%APPDATA%MozillaFirefoxProfiles" then Press Enter. (If you need more help for open Profile then click on this link.
b. Close your Browser.
c. In profile folder erase .rdf , .cache, .ini extensions.
d. Open your extensions folder from the profile folder.
e. From extensions folder deletes staged-xpis named folder (if you see that kind of folder).
f. Finally, restart your browser, hope it will work.
Thank You

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