Firefox exception Claz Error Receiving

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Hi fellows I need some help here actually the error I am facing is out of my knowledge, I don’t know hwy this error occurred and what troubleshooting should be done to rectify it.

I am looking for an expert’s opinion to solve this error problem for me.

As I don’t have knowledge about the error so I have attached an image of the error that I receive while exploring sites on Firefox.


Exception: Type Error: clazz has no properties

Please view the image and tell me if anyone of you had an experience in receiving such error and had solved this problem.

I would really appreciate your reply as I am in middle of my project work and am stuck due to this error problem and am not able to do further work on my project.

Please reply as soon as possible.


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Firefox exception Claz Error Receiving


Dear Rodrek,

I really want to solve your problem but I can't find any solution through searching everywhere on the net.

Also, I had not encounter a problem like that for many years of using Mozilla Firefox.

I suggest you disable or uninstall your Firefox and then install it again.

I hope you already have Firefox installer so that it will be fast and easy for you to install it again. If you have no copy of Firefox installer you can download it again from Mozilla Firefox website for free.

Sometimes you just need to restart everything related to software or computer to solve errors or problems.

You can follow my suggestion if you can’t find solutions anymore.:)

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