Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 startup error

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I'm using Vista home. Recently I downloaded Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 from Mozilla website and after that I successfully installed it into my computer.

However, I just received an error message when I tried to start the Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3. The error message just showing the followings:

Firefox was unable to install this element because of an error in the chrome-registration.

Contact the publisher to solve the problem.

If anyone has any suggestion or solution, please reply me. Thanks in advance!

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 startup error



To solve this problem you need to log in as an administrator and run Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 at least once. After logging in right click on the shortcut of Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 and click on run as an administrator. Start the Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 if this does solve the problem the problem the Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 you downloaded might be corrupted and you need to download another one and install it.

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 startup error



You seem to have problems connecting to internet by Firefox 3.5.3. I thought I would share some views on this issue. By now I guess you have come to know about some techniques to solve this issue. I need to tell you that your version 3.5.3 is very out dated. Nowadays 5.1 versions have already come out in the market. If you would like to use it then please visit and search for Firefox and you will get that latest version of Firefox. Please download it and install it in your computer. Now that you have the latest version of Firefox installed the program at first will download all the latest plug-in and required materials. I hope after doing that you won’t face any problems after. I hope I was clear on my views. Please don’t hesitate to reply if haven’t understood any part.

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 startup error

 Hi Dan Brown,
                            You can easily resolve this problem by following method.
  • It occurs when one of your firefox theme is corrupted.
  • So you need to close the firefox.
  • Then you have to open explorer and go to C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxextensions.
  • Then find out the corrupted theme and delete it. If you will not able find out the file then repeat step again.
  • If it will not work then go to the firefox icon and click on the right button and select run as administrative.
  • Then restart your computer.
I hope it will be helpful for you.

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