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I’m really desperate to access the new features of Firefox Aurora 15.0a2. Does anyone know how to get to it?

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Aurora is the rapid-fire release channel for the next iteration of the free and open source  Firefox web browser descended from the Mozilla application suite and managing by Mozilla corporation. User can test latest features and improvements in an unsteady environments with Aurora.

New features in version 15.0a2:

  1. Preliminary indigenous PDF support.
  2. Support for SPDY networking protocol v3.
  3. Developments around memory trickles caused by some add-ons.
  4. Javascript debugger combined into developer tools.
  5. New layout view added to inspector.
  6. The CSS word-break property has been implemented.
  7. New approachable design tool lets web developers to direct between desktop and mobile views of sites.
  8. Native support for the Opus audio codec added.
  9. The component now supports the media attribute.

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Mozilla Firefox Aurora is the channel for the development of any new releases of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It is recommended and best for developers who want to test beta releases of this web browser. This channel is designed to show the more experimental builds of Mozilla Firefox. It allows the users to experience the latest advancements in Mozilla Firefox in a kind of unstable environment and then gives feedback on its features and performance.

This will help Mozilla in determining what will be the outcome of the final release of the web browser. Mozilla Firefox Aurora supports Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. If you want to download Mozilla Firefox Aurora, you may visit Firefox | Firefox Aurora. This link will direct you to the download page of Firefox Aurora where you can download it in your own language. Mozilla Firefox Aurora supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

Sharath Reddy