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Author: Daisy Jones
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I receive the following notification when I try to use or install some programs or open some files.

“FileSYNSOACC.DLL could not be located in the windows system folders”.

Where should I be able to find FileSYNSOACC.DLL in my computer? Or just tell me how  I can fix this problem. Thanks.

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A dynamic link library component of an unknown application is a file called synsoacc.dll.  It is tagged as unknown since it has been developed and registered by an unknown software.

You can get the error "synsoacc.dll is not found" or even "unknown was unable to start due to synsoacc.dll is not available" when a software's synsoacc.dll file is damaged or deleted.

There are three ways on how to get rid of this error:

First is by uninstalling and re-installing the software that has the error message.  Before you do these however, remember that all your stored data and configurations will be lost once you remove the application or software.

Changing the deleted synsoacc.dll dll file with a different file is the next best thing to do.  You will need to download a new one from a dll repository.  144.51kbs is the existing edition of synsoacc.dll data file obtainable for download.

Third and the safest way of all is to edit your registry settings on your computer by using a high quality registry scan software. 

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Hello Daisy Jones, 

The main reason why your installer can’t locate the file "synsoacc.dll" is because it has registry problems, one of the problems is maybe you have installed or uninstalled programs recently. I suggest you should try out these solutions.

1. Download a repair tool for synsoacc here. 

2. You must click the Repair All Button. For Free it will scan your pc.

3. Again click the Repair All Button and that’s it your done.

If you ever realized that you need software to maintain your PC's registry you should try out TuneUp Utilities.