Files can’t be added directly from a network folder into movie maker

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I am currently supporting a group of users and need your assistance to get past a typical issue.
We have been using Movie Maker in our environment with Windows XP systems.
All the essential files are copied across to a shared network location.
However for strange reasons Movie Maker is not allowing me to import files from network shares.
It throws the following error
Files can’t be added directly from a network folder into movie maker. Copy the files to your computer, and then try again
Is there a way to make this work?
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Files can’t be added directly from a network folder into movie maker


Since the source of your file is a network folder, you cannot import the file directly into windows movie maker without copying it first to your computer. Here's one way to solve your problem:

1. Go to the file's location.

2. Directly copy it on your computer.

3. Import the file by opening its file location on your computer.

If this doesn't solve your problem, try the solution below. But this requires administrative privileges and requires to back up your registry before proceeding:

1. Make sure that the windows account you are using has administrative privileges. If not, log in to Windows using an account that has administrative privileges.

2. Click Start and then Run. If the Run command does not appear on your Start menu, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the R key.

3. In the Run dialog box, type in REGEDIT then click the OK button.

4. You should now be looking at the Registry Editor application. In the left hand panel, locate the folder at:

HKEY_USERS<<Random String>>softwaremicrosoftWindows LiveMovie maker

5. You will need to search Random String for a bit. It varies from user to user.

6. Right click on the Movie Maker folder and choose New> DWord value.

7. Name the new value: AllNetworkFiles

8. Right click on the new DWord and select Modify from the menu.

9. In the Value Data box, Type in the number: 1. Click the OK button.

10. This should now allow you to import the files from the network.


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