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My greetings  to all readers, I am posting an error message here that I meet when I am using Quickbooks, the error message that I encountered is about a feature in Quickbooks that said to have been disabled, every time I work on exporting some data this error message always pop's up my screen, below is the error message screen shot.

QuickBooks Export Error

Error Code: 3250

Severity: Error

Description: This feature is not enabled or not available in this version of QuickBooks.

For the past days in using Quickbook, I have not experience this error message, this error message started when they replaced me with a new set of computer, my problem now is, I don't know how to enable this feature, please guide me how to do it, thanks in advance.

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Hi there Maryfalty, sorry to hear that you’re having issues in using Quickbooks. Well, it would have been great if you mentioned what type of computer system you have, is it MAC or Windows (screenshot you provided, a Windows XP system) and what version of Quickbooks you currently have in the system.

For now, what you can do is try to check what version of Quickbooks you have in your computer System. Is it the same with the one that you were using in the other computer system? Check and see if what you have in your system is a trial version only which of course has limited functionalities.

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Hello Maryfalty,

First you have to check that is there any virus in your system. Maybe that virus is causing this trouble. Scan your computer and try to find out. Which version of QuickBooks are you using? And where did you get from. Is it registered? If it is registered then update it or else get the registered and updated one. Make sure there is no corrupt file in your QuickBooks software or in your windows. Otherwise you have to repair the corrupt files or uninstall the QuickBooks and restart your system and reinstall it. If you are finding a trouble from the normal mode then you can perform this task from the safe mode too.

There is another manual method which is;

For simple start the QuickBooks and go to

File menu>Choose Preference>and check did you create any estimate and click yes and then ok.

For pro version go to Edit menu and choose preference than choose Jobs and estimate and set it and save it.

Hope that might works.