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While using AutoCAD LT I am getting an error message which you can see in the below attached snapshot. Why is this occurring? Does anybody know its solution? Please help me. Thanks

AutoCAD LT Error Aborting

AutoCAD LT Error Aborting

Fatal Error: unhandled e0434f4dh Exception at 7c812afbh

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Hi there

I have read your problem and this may be because of the files missing after you install the software or your computer specification are not compatible with the software version

In order to solve this try downloading a different copy of AutoCAD from the net or buy an original version of DVD. Or else try installing windows 7 and install Auto CAD.

If these steps are not working you have to upgrade your system

Best of Luck

Taylor B Campos,

Thank You

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I feel this is a simple problem like mouse being unplugged. Check all the wires and insure all of them are plugged properly. I hope in that case the problem will go away. You need to make sure that you check all the wires. Finally plug on the power plug and start the computer. If everything is fine then its fine or else you need to consult some hardware expert immediately.

Waters Magner