Printing Options in Adobe InDesign CC and other tools

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I would like to ask something Adobe InDesign CC. What are booklets? How can I do this in Adobe InDesign? What are the inks, separations and screen frequency? What do you mean by over printing in InDesign CC? What are postscripts and EPS files? How can I print documents? What are the preflighting files and what is handoff? Show me how to utilize the mentioned options above? What are the benefits of using it in my projects? Give me more alternative ways on how to use this features? Thank you!

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Printing Options in Adobe InDesign CC and other tools


Hello Donald!

Booklet in InDesign is similar to books and its pages. The pages setup are in sequence in its layout. For example we have 8-page booklet. If we are going to publish it, the first page to be printed will be pages 8 from left side and 1 from right. Why? This is done to enable us when we fold the print-outs the numbering and contents will appear correctly in order.

For the inks, separation and frequency, user can specify the colors to separate, the ink color to be used and specify its screen frequency and resolution. Postscript and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) are options in printing documents in InDesign. These are used for proofing, watermarking and or author-enabled preferences. Thus this scripts enables the author to publish the document according to any output user wants.

There are 3-types of postscripts in InDesign.

1.   Device-independent

2.   Device-dependent

3.   Device and Driver dependent – suited for proofing.

The author or user just need to open the print dialog box or options. With that, the author need to set PS and EPS for printing. Preflight is use for checking the entire document before handoff or finalization and submission. It is like a QC. Preflight features warns the author if there are parts of documents that is not associated or might give discrepancy with its main goal. Here are the instructions on how to preflight and handoff file. While the document is open:

1.   Go to File menu >> Package

2.   Summary window will pop-up. The fonts, links, images, colors and inks will be outlined or will show up.

3.   Once everything were set, go to Package >> hit Continue in Printing Instructions window.

4.   Create a Package Folder, make sure the options are ticked including Copy Fonts, Copy Inked Graphics, update graphic links, and include fonts and links.

5.   Click Package button to finalize.


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