Fatal Error occurred with Texture_LoadTGA

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Hello there,

This Fatal Error started to appear on my Counter-Strike. It worked just fine with all kind of pictures and now it seems like the images are not supported. My VGA driver is updated with the last version and is not working. Can anyone help me to fix this ? Why I have this error ?

Thank you !

Fatal Error

Texture_LoadTGA: Only 32 or 24 bit images supported (no colormaps)


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Fatal Error occurred with Texture_LoadTGA


It seems like you are already finished playing Counter-Strike and you are only browsing the site. If you didn’t encounter any issue while you were playing Counter-Strike then there should be no problem. Maybe you accidentally drag an image from the page without noticing it when the error happened. Try closing the game client then restart the computer.

After that, open the Counter-Strike game client again and check if you will receive a similar error. It would also help if you update your video card’s driver. Visit your video card’s official website and check if there is an available update for your video card model. If you are already using the latest version of the driver, another way of making sure that your operating system is running properly is to update it.

Since you are using Microsoft Windows XP, it would be best to update the operating system to Service Pack 3 because this is the latest and last Service Pack for this operating system. To download, visit Windows XP Service Pack 3. To install this, you must first be running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows XP Service Pack 1.

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