Error message while using Visual Studio 2008

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I got a weird problem in my Telerik V2012.1.326.35. I am using Visual Studio 2008.

Let me explain my problem.

In a task, I included a RadPdfViewer in a XAML file in as follow: private void loadDoc()

PdfDocumentSourcenewDoc = new PdfDocumentSource(new Uri(@"c:MyDirpdf2.pdf"));

PdfDoc.DocumentSource = newDoc;

I have no idea what is the problem. I am getting this error message all the time.

NullReferenceException occurred

NullReferenceException occurred

La reference d'objet n'est pas definie a une instance d'un objet.

troubleshooting tips:

Use the "new" keyboard to create an object instance.

Check to determine if the object is null before calling the method.

Get general help for this exception.

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Waiting to hearing from the experts for a solution. I need your help.


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Error message while using Visual Studio 2008



Did this problem occur after you updated the software? This problem usually occurs when you try to update it manually. Follow the steps below:

1. Run Telerik on your computer and go to the settings tab.

2. Click on update options and a new window will open.

3. In the new window select the last used version that worked well for you. This should be the version before you updated the software.

4. Select use this version and click ok.

Now you will have no problem with Telerik.


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Error message while using Visual Studio 2008


There is a additional task to be done when you are using RadPdfViewer with windows form applications. You need to initialize the Application.Current property before the user control is initialized. Adding following code to your constructor should fix the issue.

public PdfViewerControl() 

if (Application.Current == null) 

new Application(); 



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