Fatal error Component: DXXIBASE export import- base

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Continuously I am getting this error message while I am running an initialization in LANSA Composer 4.0. For your information I have the all the required authorities to the server. I used to this operation before without any problem. Please try to help me to resolve this error. I tried to trap the error, but I cannot. Help please. Thanks in advance.


Fatal Error

Component: DXXIBASE

Export, import – base

Statement: 1513

Message: Error Code = -1

Routine: Dispatch_Component_Manager

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Fatal error Component: DXXIBASE export import- base


This error appears with the LANSA Composer server running on Windows.when an attempt is made to import "Transformation Maps" with the "Server Initialization Wizard".

To locate the exact cause of this error, you will have to access "x_err.log" file on the Windows server (typically in the C:WindowsTemp folder). Note the highlighted part below, after the "Message".

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