Cannot scanned by using Haier Laptop & Acer scanner.

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I have some 20 years old photos of my family. I want to scan the photos as token my life. I am using Acer Scanner S2W 4300U, Model-6678 AVA & Haier T3C4 Laptop.

I have connected the scanner to my Haier Laptop and tried to scan. But the photo takes up ¼ of the a4 page. I can’t find out the problem? Please help me.

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Cannot scanned by using Haier Laptop & Acer scanner.



When you already placed the image to scan, and push the scan button, wait for the preview of the scanned image. Use magnification or zoom tool to make sure that you select the correct part of the scanner glass. This purpose helps you to scan the image you desire of the scan result. Set the resolution to construct the appropriate alteration for you. 

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Cannot scanned by using Haier Laptop & Acer scanner.



Whenever you currently located this picture in order to check out, and also press this check out switch, watch for this examine of your scanned picture. Work with magnification or even focusses instrument to make certain that you choose the best section of the scanning device wine glass.

This kind of objective really helps to check out this picture you wish of your check out the end result. To construct the proper modification for your personal you will need to arrange this solution. 

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Cannot scanned by using Haier Laptop & Acer scanner.


Hi Faisal,

You did not say what is the operating system used in your laptop.This is an important fact. Again you did not provide the screenshot of your scanned photos .Moreover The required user Guide can't be found without buying the product. So I want to give some regular guidelines to  scan documents or photos.

  • It is important to keep the scanner bed clean and the document to be inserted into the scanner.
  • Before scanning consider the ways you will organize them-By Date,By event
  • To start a basic scan press the power button after inserting the document/photos.





  • Scan multiple photos at once .On an average sized scanner bed,you should be able to scan 4×6 photos at once.
  • Wait some time for displaying the preview of the images what is inserted.This allows if  you start the scanning or not.
  • Use the original driver software and the Adobe Photoshop program to get better services.
  • If you sure that item is correctly oriented,exactly shown as it was inserted,then click the "scan" button.
  • Otherwise resize the documents first what you scan and then select scan.
  • Please wait for some time till the document/images are scanned fully.
  • Save the document/images with correct extension. 


Shifflet Laurel

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